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Our Mission

Wellspring Counseling is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting churches and community organizations in providing superior counseling care and value that results in mature and whole people.

Our Vision

To be a leader in behavioral health in the Grand Rapids area, and advancing Christian care to under-served communities in partnership with churches, businesses, community organizations and donors.

Our Purpose

The primary mandate for Wellspring Counseling is being the place in which individuals, families, and marriages can come into a safe haven to find personal growth in all the different areas of life: spiritual, emotional, behavioral, and physical. With the use of traditional and online counseling as well as coaching, we strive to see that everyone we work with will continue to become the person God intended them to be. We firmly believe that all people can lead lives that they are called to live, and that in most all cases, it simply takes someone who is willing to invest in them.

A secondary directive is to be a place whereby partnering with different churches and community organizations win the Western Michigan region, we will be a resource in which pastors, church staff, and other individuals can utilize our skills and gifts for counseling and discipling the body of Christ. We see ourselves as the arm of the church in which we can be a catalyst in seeing men, women, and children in the church growing to be more like Jesus, living in his authority, grace, mercy, and love.